Our Mission

At Panalogy Lab, our mission is to unlock the transformative power of Social AI.

We develop AI systems that are not just technically advanced, but are also capable of thriving in complex human-centered settings, with safety and efficiency. Our vision of AI is not just as a set of tools, but as partners capable of understanding and engaging with the social fabric of our lives.

We believe that in doing so, we can align the future of AI, creating systems that are more in tune with our values, more capable of adapting to change, and more beneficial for all of humanity.

In pursuit of this long-term vision, we are already pushing the boundaries of AI research and development today, creating and implementing innovative solutions that bridge the gap between technology and society.

What Does “Panalogy” Mean?

Panalogy is a term coined by Marvin Minsky, a pioneering figure in the field of AI to describe “parallel analogy”.

In some instances, Panalogy refers to a holistic approach to learning and knowledge acquisition, where different disciplinary areas and ideas are integrated to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of a given topic. This perspective acknowledges that complex phenomena often require multiple perspectives to be fully understood.

Structurally, Panalogy allows for easy and rapid switching between different modes of thinking. While it is useful to know various ways to achieve a specific goal, each of these ways is connected to a larger structure. Thus, Panalogy enables us to use the same structure to serve several purposes by changing the contexts or realms of knowledge entered into its analogous slots, as Minsky pointed out.

The beauty of this approach is that each perspective can help overcome some deficiencies and limitations of the others.

In other settings, panalogy has been used to describe the study of all knowledge (pan=all, logos=knowledge), or as a synonym for omniscience like that expected of futuristic, strong and general AI.

According to Minsky, panalogy is a way of thinking that involves looking for similarities and patterns across different domains or fields, and using these analogies to generate new ideas and solutions. He argued that a truly comprehensive understanding of intelligence would require a synthesis of these different perspectives, as well as the development of new theories and methods that could bridge the gaps between them.

In other words, panalogy is a creative process of finding connections and insights by exploring the relationships between seemingly unrelated concepts or domains. Minsky believed that this approach was essential for developing new technologies, solving complex problems, and advancing our understanding of complex systems, intelligence and the intelligent agents (humans, animals and artificial) who inhabit this world.

Overall, panalogy, while not a very common term, can be seen as an attempt to approach knowledge and understanding in a more comprehensive and integrated way, and as a recognition of the limitations inherent in a too-narrow disciplinary focus. Panalogy Lab therefore represents a bold vision for the future of science and technology, one that seeks to break down the boundaries between different disciplines and explore the interconnectedness of all things while always situating this perspective in realistic social context.

Our Journey


At Panalogy Lab, we stand on the cusp of a new era: the age of Social AI. These are AI agents, designed to exist over prolonged periods, and skilled in engaging naturally with humans and their artifacts in complex social settings.

Our journey began with a simple idea: to delve into the intricacies of these intelligent agents and the environments they operate within. From this idea stemmed a commitment to pioneering advancements in Social AI, fostering innovative alignment research and design that straddle disciplinary boundaries for the collective benefit of society.

Underpinning our work is the inventive process of 'panalogy', our catalyst for generating groundbreaking ideas and solutions. Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations to harness the potential of Social AI, equipping them with innovative and cost-effective AI solutions built on robust scientific principles and practices.

Our journey is characterized by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, bolstered by a culture of speed and agility that sets us apart from traditional, slower-moving academic institutions. We are passionate about accelerating the translation of our groundbreaking research into practical, real-world applications that can deliver tangible benefits to individuals, industry, and society alike.

At the heart of our work is an in-depth understanding of behavioral analysis and complex information processing systems. It is this expertise that allows us to continually learn and evaluate the emergent behaviors of Social AI systems amidst diverse and intricate social contexts.

Our journey in this exciting landscape of Social AI continues to inspire us every day. We're proud of our capabilities, our unwavering curiosity, and our commitment to contributing to a future where Social AI is an integral part of our lives, aligned and beneficial for all of humankind.

Meet The Core Team

Panalogy Lab is led by a team of five Co-Founders, a fusion of vibrant start-up energy, research and industry experience, and technical know-how. Each member brings their unique perspectives, knowledge, and skills to this diverse group of innovators, explorers, and problem solvers, yet we are all united by a common vision.

Coined by Benno as "a home for the mind," Panalogy Lab serves as the creative hub and outlet for our core research team. Our start-up energy combined with our collective expertise allows us to qickly and efficiently deliver innovative solutions, research, and insights to society.

Professor Benno Torgler


Step into the remarkable world of Professor Benno Torgler, a trailblazer who melds scientific research and AI in his role as Co-Founder and Director of Panalogy Lab. With a Ph.D. from the University of Basel and a professorial tenure in Behavioural Economics at Queensland University of Technology, Professor Torgler is no stranger to the dance of creativity and innovation. At the crossroads of intellectual inquiry and the power of cognitive architectures, he seeks inspiration from pioneering minds like Herb Simon, Allen Newell, and Marvin Minsky. Through this kaleidoscope, Professor Torgler has shaped the Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology and the ARC Training Centre for Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption (BITA). As an interdisciplinary traveler, he has charted a course through more than 300 scientific contributions and garnered the esteem of being one of Australia's most cited social scientists. His journey has led him across university lecture halls, tax administrations, and the hallowed halls of the World Bank, thriving amid diverse landscapes. With the wind in his sails, Professor Benno Torgler steers Panalogy Lab towards uncharted territory, driven by a passionate pursuit of innovation and a commitment to delivering Social AI-driven solutions with unrivaled efficiency. As he embarks on this exhilarating voyage, one thing is certain: the horizon brims with potential, and the Professor is just getting started.


Steve Bickley


Meet Steve Bickley, a modern-day Renaissance fellow who's forged a unique path in the world of Social AI solutions. With a solid foundation in electrical engineering, behavioral economics, and social science, Steve set off on an innovative adventure to transform industries. He co-founded Panalogy Lab and soon became a driving force behind its mission to (re)shape the notion of Social AI and their positive impact on societies. Steve is working persistently to create durable business value proposition for our lab. Never one to be confined by boundaries, Steve's extensive experience spans public health, urban planning, sports, political economy, artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, and the study of online communities. His fresh perspectives and approaches, fueled by complexity science, have enabled him to navigate the choppy waters of rapid industry evolution. Panalogy Lab is developing AI-driven solutions in education, finance, dating and sports, and so much more, thanks to our intrepid explorer, Steve. With his unwavering commitment to research excellence and delivering client-centric outcomes, he's made Panalogy Lab an ideal place for creating Social AI products that deliver durable value for both investors and clients alike. Our lab now sets sail with Steve Bickley.

Dr. Ben (Ho Fai) Chan

Co-Founder/Data Science

Picture a world where curiosity meets number-crunching prowess — that's where you'll find Doctor Ben (Ho Fai) Chan, Co-Founder (Data Science) at Panalogy Lab. With a keen sense of exploration backed by the Science of Science and Scientometrics, Doctor Ben set out to unlock the patterns hidden within the delicate dance of scientific interactions. His journey has taken him through diverse landscapes, from sports to mate choice, and mobility. Armed with quantitative methods, data analysis, and modeling expertise, Doctor Ben has transformed vast oceans of data into invaluable insights for society's greater good. As his work graced the pages of prestigious journals like Nature and Scientometrics, Doctor Ben has crafted a legacy rooted in rigorous standards and valuable contributions. Navigating complex research projects, he's honed his leadership skills and adeptness in managing intricate research ventures, making him a beacon at Panalogy Lab. Follow Ben as he pushes the boundaries of Social AI research and creates pioneering solutions capable of breaking disciplinary barriers. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency and effectiveness, he'll continue to guide us on this exciting odyssey of discovery.


Bang Dao


In a world of rapid changes in digital technologies, meet Bang Dao, Co-Founder (Technology) of Panalogy Lab. Much like a digital fighter in bare armor, Bang slashes through complex social landscapes with his expertise in large-scale IT infrastructure and IoT wizardry. Once a uni dropout who got a $10,000 reward in a Facebook Hackthon, Bang has embarked on numerous crusades throughout his 12-year quest in the tech realm, leaving his mark on ventures like The Luxe Nomad, Inspectorio, East Agile, and Vida. With a full-stack tech arsenal at his side, he masters the diverse terrains of frontend, backend, mobile, and more, all while keeping a keen eye on tried-and-trusted practices and efficiency. As the beating technology heart of Panalogy Lab's AI solutions, Bang breathes life into robust, scalable, and innovative creations. His formidable leadership and commitment to low-cost yet highly robust and impactful solutions ensure that the lab is always on a firm technological ground while moving toward bright and interconnected future. With lifelong learning as the main principle and the drive to build great Social AI products as the ambition, Bang doubles as the founder and CTO of EoH.io, an IoT startup from the land of Vietnam. After joining Panalogy Lab, Bang Dao's quest to vanquish the barriers of AI and IoT rages on, guided by a steadfast commitment to efficiency and greatness.

Dr. Son Tran


Welcome to the world of Son, Co-Founder (Design) at Panalogy Lab, a place where Social AI ideas come to life. Inspired by the boundless potential of intelligence in complex environments, Son paints a vivid tapestry of experience, from using category theory to conceptualise ensembles of machine learning methods to modelling auction evaluation using reinforcement learning. His expertise in academia and industry converge in a curious display of life-long learning, as he navigates uncharted waters with precision and insight. This lover of complex computational design has ventured into realms unseen, like building a large-scale biological computer with a pioneer in the field and designing a computational platform, the first of its kind, for studying co-evolution of intellect and policy. Son's unyielding passion for lifelong learning, rapid decision-making, effective teamwork, and integrity led him on long-term adventures that strengthened his foundation in product design and rapid problem-solving. Now at the helm of Panalogy Lab, his long-awaited journey, Son sets sail on an exciting odyssey to a world where boundary between the natural and the artificial will be warped by innovative Social AI products. To him, the journey is an expedition to the forefront of discovery - an awe-inspiring escapade.

Solutions and Services

At Panalogy Lab, we're at the cutting edge of AI research, translating advancements into practical, real-world solutions.

Our culture thrives on collaboration and the belief that great ideas can arise from anyone, anywhere.

We believe in the power of collaboration. Recognizing that the most transformative innovations emerge from collective endeavors, we are eager to join forces with you. Let's drive innovation and growth hand-in-hand!

Here's how we can work together:

Consultancy: Think of us as an extension to your team. We design and develop scalable AI solutions to address your specific challenges, including document, design, or process automation. You have the choice to develop these solutions in-house, or we can facilitate this through our trusted development team based in Ho Chi Minh City, under the leadership of our co-founder and CTO, Bang Dao.

Corporate and Educational Presentations and Knowledge Transfer: Grounded in scientific insights, we offer knowledge transfer packages, presentations, workshops, and keynote speeches, suitable for a range of settings - from business gatherings and professional conferences through to K-12 education. Our services, ranging from standalone sessions to continuous learning programs, are crafted not only to inspire and educate your audience but also to equip your team with the necessary understanding for effective implementation of AI solutions. In doing so, we foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning.

Data Science and Analytic Services: We offer data science and analytic services, with a focus on social AI and handling big/complex human datasets. Our team of experts will work alongside you to explore, analyze, and visualize data to make informed decisions and create effective strategies.

Ongoing Advisory and Service Provision: We offer regular ideation sessions, investment advice, and solution building. Our ongoing advisory could encompass follow-up projects, weekly/monthly knowledge transfer sessions, or direct solution delivery to your team.

Commercial Partnerships: If you see an industry-wide potential for our Social AI solutions or conceive an idea of your own, we're open to various partnership models, including Special Purpose Vehicles, Joint Ventures, Licensing, or Strategic Alliances. We can jointly develop, refine, and commercialize these solutions. This avenue not only promotes collaborative innovation, it could also present opportunities to attract venture capital and investment.

Flexibility is at the heart of our partnership models. Our services range from consulting and advisory to full-stack development and knowledge transfer, all with the aim of automating routine tasks and paving the way for new ventures and market explorations.

Whether you're interested in a one-time problem-solving exercise or see the potential for a longer-term partnership, we're confident we can deliver state-of-the-art AI solutions tailored to your needs.

Note, we are committed to supporting educational institutions, community-led bodies, and other non-profits in their AI journeys. Recognizing the unique financial constraints and valuable contributions of these entities, the Panalogy Lab leadership team is open to discussing special considerations on a case-by-case basis - i.e., reach out to us.

Let's innovate together and build a future of continuous learning and growth for all!

So, the question is: What's the first challenge you'd like to tackle with us?

Start a conversation with us today. And let's set sail together!