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A Research Lab

focusing on studying emergent behaviors of Social AI systems.

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Introducing SurveyLM

a platform for conducting Social AI alignment research.

We Are Panalogy Lab

Where AI Meets Society - Bridging Theory and Practice

In a world that's getting more digital every day, we believe that AI isn't just about number-crunching or big data analytics. It's also about understanding and engaging with complex human environments.

Our mission? To unlock the transformative power of Social AI that thrive in these human-centered settings.

We're crafting an interdisciplinary toolkit to better understand how AI interacts and evolves within our societies. We see this behavioral approach to AI as a key factor in future technology alignment. And as AI becomes an increasingly social phenomenon, our work is becoming more important than ever.

At Panalogy Lab, we're not just anticipating the future of AI, we're shaping it.

Our Research

At Panalogy Lab, we believe that Social AI has the potential to transform the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

Bridging theory and practice, we see our role is to translate transformative AI innovations from concepts into real-world applications, in a robust and scientific way. In doing so, our work enables a more harmonious synergy between humans and AI in our complex, evolving society.

Social AI Research

We're on a mission to unravel the complex behaviors and unpredictability of AI in real-world social contexts

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Social AI Design

Our designs are rooted in the rich insights from our research, combined with industry-leading software engineering practices.

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